Soap Bubble Orchestra

Soap Bubble Orchestra

Who wants to listen to something really awesome but different to all these Stoner/ vintage and instrumental stuff is with SBO on the rigth way. Is that possible? Yes, there are so lovely styles like Swing, Jazz, Hardrock, Prog and a little bit of folk Punk, that´s worth to be listened to. Okay, but all assembled in one band? Definitely!

What the guys from the neighbourhood (in deed their hometown is just 20 km from the festivalarea) kill us with is to be nobled. I don´t know any band mashing up so many differnt styles and sounding still outstanding. Because it doesn´t sound just arty. It´s arty and skilled. This collective of eight connects all these styles in a cool and credible way that there vinyl is in my personal rotation on the player. Okay, it´s just the CD in my car, but who cares. And by the way: It rocks like mother pig! Listen and enjoy.