Hey guys and gals,

good news waiting for you. Check the details and prepare yourself!

+++ 25th anniversary +++

In 1994 some weary hillbillies started to organize a festival. You know the rest of the story…

In 2018 this festival will take place for the 25th time, reason enough to celebrate something special!

We are stoked to let you know that Krach am Bach 2018 already starts on thursday. 500 people, 4 bands, 1 stage.

First in time first in line!

Remark: This ticket is only available as an 3-day ticket.

+++ presale +++

The presale for 2018 starts on sunday, 17th of december, at 6pm.

At this time there will be also first announcements.

+++ Throwback 2017 +++

Our friends from Stabil und Grazil made a nice production of the this years motorpsycho show. Check the first song of it. We loooove it!