6. + 7. August


Dear friends and supporters of
Krach am Bach,

many of you have probably expected it. We can’t realize the 27th Krach at the Bach Festival in August 2020 either.The guidelines from the state are not clearly defined, but the general conditions make it impossible to organize an event of this size.

A lot of people work every year for the preparation of our festival. Nevertheless, we have to deal responsibly with the current circumstances. The health of every single human is the highest priority.

The cultural sector will have to deal with existential tasks. Perhaps we have to adapt to fundamental changes. Everyone should try within the bounds of their possibilities to keep the damage as small as possible.Show loyalty! Buy records, merchandise or participate in fundraising activities of your favourite clubs.

We have decided to postpone the event to 06 – 07.08.2021. Purchased Tickets are still valid.

We thank all friends, supporters and partners of Krach am Bach.

Stay healthy!



A weekend filled with a dirty mix of underground music, heavy vibes, pulsating energy and a family-meeting character since 1994!


Merchandise 2020
Merchandise 2020

The 27th Krach am Bach Festival would have taken place next weekend. These days the pain is especially great. The thought of not celebrating with wonderful music as usual, chatting and laughing break our hearts. In addition, we cannot support the institutions as...

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ASF 2020: Refund of tickets
ASF 2020: Refund of tickets

To everyone who has already bought a ticket for the 9th Alterna Sounds Festival! The refund has already been made, or will take place shortly. The first have already asked us whether the ticket can be donated. Thank you! You will receive a direct message from us...

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Absage 9. Alterna Sounds Festival
Absage 9. Alterna Sounds Festival

We also have to cancel our event. This decision is not easy for us. A lot of passion goes into organizing such concerts, but it is inevitable in the current situation. We are currently clarifying the options for reimbursing tickets that have already been purchased and...

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About the festival

Imagine there are a some friends, with common interests, of different ages, who together throw a small party.

Also imagine, that this project is living since 1994! And of course, with a constant change of people, music, atmosphere. And hopefully with ideas that enrich your weekend again and again.

Profit is consistently placed in the background, as profits are donated for the good cause. For people who have not enough and therefore need a lot more. Located in the outskirts of Beelen in the western of Germany (the nomansland between Bielefeld, Muenster and Osnabrueck).

Is there a better place to enjoy a dirty mix of underground music, heavy vibes, pulsating energy and a family-meeting character? Try it with an fair trade coffee in the morning. Maybe a tasty vegetarian meal for the lunch, or if you like, a strong burger in combination with an ice cold beer?

Do it yourself to have a good time!