SLIFT is a psychedelic rock band from Toulouse, France that formed in 2016. Their sound is a deafening mass of sonic magma, epic fuzz guitar flying over the fearsome motorik machine of bass and drums. The fervent swayed hips and crazy energy are resolutely garage, but the psychedelic music of 70’s (kraut- and space-rock at the top of line) is never far. “Unseen” and “The Real Unseen” are the remaining unreleased tracks from the sessions that produced UMMON, the band’s acclaimed 2020 space odyssey. This release is the conclusion of the Titans universe of UMMON.”

The group says of the songs, “We recorded ‘Unseen’ at the end of the UMMON sessions. We had time left and we had this track that was originally supposed to be on the record, but that we had put aside later. This song was recorded live in one shot, then we added the vocals later. At the end of the song, we started to play with the feedback of the room, and we let ourselves be carried away by this drone. On re-listening, we loved it and for us it was clear, this piece of meditative sound was ‘The Real Unseen.’”