Line-Up 2018

Swedish Death Candy

Swedish Death Candy officially state that they are from London, and whilst that is technically true at this time, their individual heritage is somewhat different; drummer Marco Ninni and guitarist Francesco Codardo are from Italy, bassist Jiwoon Wang is from South Korea, leaving just singer/guitarist Louis Perry as the only member actually hailing from London. Louis explains that the band formed whilst studying together at University, ‚Jiwoon and I have been playing together in bands for years, we started off in hardcore punk kind of bands. We actually switched roles, I used to play bass and he was lead guitar – funny how things turn out. I met the others at Uni. I first met Frank at a Halloween party [where] we were both dressed as dead Elvis. I guess it was meant to be.‘

Following their formation, Swedish Death Candy quickly set to releasing a small collection of demos in late 2014, alongside a number of thundering live shows – including support slots with Wand, Yak and Kvelertak – leading to the band soon grabbing the attention of music fans, peers and industry professionals alike.

The band’s early and swift momentum resulted in signing with Hassle Records in early 2015, the label then releasing the band’s critically acclaimed debut EP ‚Liquorice‘ and getting them on tour with label-mates ‚Lonely The Brave‘. The EP contained the single ‚Living Your Life Away‘ and gathered critical praise from the likes of Dan P Carter at Radio 1, NME and Wonderland magazine. Earlier this year the band followed up this EP by releasing standalone singles ‚Won’t Be Long‘ and ‚Oh My‘, which picked up coverage from the likes of Clash Magazine, DIY and The Metro.

Swedish Death Candy followed up with the release their self-titled debut album in November 2017. The album was written and recorded at Park Studios in Wembley Park, London, and produced and engineered by Tobin Jones and Lucas Mendez. Louis says of the writing process ‚There’s no set formula. I tend to write the guts of a tune and we then spend a lot of time arranging; often ideas come from jams, drum beats or baselines. Also, Frank’s written a few „backing track“ kinda tunes and I’ve then added the lyrics and melody. It’s a very collaborative process. A lot of the time, tunes tend to evolve playing live too. We’re a live band at the end of the day, that’s how we write and that’s how we record.‘

The band intends for the music to be thick and heavily layered, powerful and melodic, and they achieve this in bucket loads pulling influences from all manner of their experiences and cultural backgrounds, alongside their current individual lifestyles. Louis muses; ‚We take inspiration from a lot of different places. We’re all into art, and Jiwoon does all our artwork, posters, t shirt designs etc. We’re all quite into cooking too. Frank and I are big Arsenal fans, so yeah, football’s fairly important. We all read quite a lot/watch a lot of films, as much as any artsy person would, i guess ha.‘ The variety within the band’s individual backgrounds, skill sets and influences has led the band to be truly unique – and one that is vital for today’s current scene.

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